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Light > Dark

Light > Dark

Written by Ryan Langlois an Duane Steele

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this belief that all of us, no matter how successful or well intentioned we may be, are one bad decision, one simple mistake, from falling on our face and losing it all. It may sound like a very pessimistic way of looking at things, but I don’t feel it is. It reminds me daily, to not look down on anyone or any situation. Most people do not choose the dark. It sneaks up on them, slowly. The reality is that whether you believe it or not, we are all susceptible to the dark, some more than others. So instead of us looking at others and passing judgement, let’s extend grace, be the light, and remember….LOST AND FOUND, BEGGING FOR CHANGE AND WEARING A CROWN. FLESH AND BLOOD, WE’RE ALL MADE OF THE SAME STUFF. LIGHT AND DARK AIN’T THAT FAR APART. Until next time.

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