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“The Barstool Balladeer”: A charming and mysterious legend recalling better days, better songs, in better bars. A figure cloaked in experience, masked in heartbreak and all-consuming empathy. This trope seeks hope and light over all else: In today’s imitative mass, Ryan Langlois’ rock-ribbed growl and sometimes disarming honesty is an uncompromising breath of fresh air.


Anthemic in delivery, Langlois reflects an impassioned Springsteen-esque leader, but one with decidedly more country influences than his predecessors. He plays a character in and of himself. Somehow tenuing the fantastic and unimaginable with the humble and sincere. His songwriting style spans roots, country, and Americana influences(John Prine, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen). Often flourishing a simple idea into complex nuance.

Formerly fronting the multiple-award-winning Boom Chucka Boys, Langlois is no stranger to the stage. Long renowned for his performances carrying unprecedented electricity, he is a master of his surroundings, regardless of the space. The songs and stories hold heavy in a soft-seater venue full of attentive listeners, or on the big festival stages with full accompaniment. He offers an exhilarating experience of country-rock, folk, Americana, and storytelling. His conviction and authenticity place him firmly among a class of performer that has consistently earned and continues to seek his stripes. With a voice true and persevering, this barstool balladeer continues to make his way, telling his story and singing his songs. 


Langlois is a multi-nominated CMAB artist, this year receiving nominations for "Roots Artist Of The Year" and the "Community Spirit Award", and the recipient of the $75,000 Project WILD Award. As a recognized member of the music industry, Ryan breathes community; co-writing with burgeoning musicians and fostering development by hosting an "Original Story Open Mic." He has also started a one Sunday per month concert series called "The Songbird Brunch" in Red Deer, AB. Bringing in some of the best and most interesting songwriters and artists Alberta has to offer.


"A ferociously serious student of his craft ... his dedication is unwavering; whether for a small house concert or a large festival crowd, his commitment to and preparation of quality entertainment remains paramount."

Greg Shannon
Former Morning Show Radio Host, CFCW Edmonton

"He is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and talented front persons and entertainers I have

worked with in my entire career."

Paul Biro

Sakamoto Entertainment


  • ​CMAB 2017 nominations for "Album Of The Year", and "Male Artist Of The Year".

  • Project Wild Country Artist Development Program 2018 2nd Place winner, $75,000.

  • CMAB 2018 nominations for "Male Artist Of The Year" and "Song Of The Year(Light And Dark)".

  • Released full-length album "It Was A Song", on May 31, 2019.

  • CMAB 2019 nominations for "Album Of The Year", "Male Artist Of The Year", and "Songwriter Of The Year".

  • 2021 CMAB nominations for "Roots Artist Of The Year" and "Video Of The Year".

  • April 2021 releases new single "Just A Word".

  • October 2021 releases new single "Grindstone".

  • February 2022 releases "Grindstone" to radio across Canada. Reaches #87 on the Canadian Country Chart.

  • December 2022 releases new single "No Matter What It Takes".

  • CMAB 2022 nomination for "Roots Artist Of The Year".

  • Hosts a monthly "Original Story Open Mic" in his hometown

  • 2023 CMAB nominations for "Roots Artist Of The Year" and the "Community Spirit Award".

  • Hosts and curates a concert series called "The Songbird Brunch" in his hometown. Highlighting some of the best and most interesting songwriters and artists in Alberta.


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